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Kollam Pravasi Association - KPA Bahrain

Kollam Pravasi Association - KPA Bahrain

Kollam Pravasi Association (KPA), is an association of Expatriates living in Bahrain from Kollam District. KPA started its operations in the Kingdom of Bahrain from the mid of 2019, over these years we acquired more than 1500+ official members and counting (including 400 families). Day by day more expatriate friends are coming to us to become a member of this community. 

We have started our philanthropic activities during the mid of 2019, with this short span of time we became one among the notable organization in the island, during the midst of the pandemic we have done various charity activities to help and support the needy.

We are primarily focusing on the welfare of the community and over these years we have conducted various charity activities, blood donation camps, medical camps, medical support, educational support along with social and cultural activities since its inception.

The main objectives of this organization is to intervene the day-to-day affairs of the expatriates of Kollam district and to create a better living environment for them, also to provide the necessary scholarships, honors and study aids by emphasizing the education of the children. The organization also aims to implement Job reformation schemes for the expatriates who are going back to their country with the assistance of the Kerala and Central Governments.

Kerala Registration No. KLM/TC/155/2022

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